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Metal Slitting

Cutting to Exact Standards

McEver provides precision slitting for Aluminum, Copper, Coated & Stainless Steel coils. Our state-of-the-art metal service center can produce custom widths of your metal coils to provide you with a product to your exact specifications while retaining the metal’s integrity. The slitting capabilities we offer include:


  • 40” Slitter
  • 50” Slitter
  • 52” Slitter
  • 62” Slitter
  • .0065” –.156” Gauge Range (gauge ranges may vary depending on material)
  • .750” – 62” Slit Widths
  • 46,000 lb. Maximum Coils
  • Beveled Knives
  • Inline Packaging Lines
  • Looping Pits
  • PVC Application Removal

What’s the Process?

The metal is placed into an uncoiler, where it’s unrolled and moved through shears to begin the slitting process. Where these shears are set depends on the desired width of the product itself.


Our trained professionals then measure the slit widths to ensure they fit the order. Once approved, the metal is then placed through separators to guide the slit widths to the recoiler.


Finally, the metal is then rolled back into a coil and packaged to be shipped. 


Who Uses This Service?

This process is used regularly in the manufacturing industry to create necessary products people use every day, like:

  • HVAC Ducts
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Architectural Trims
  • Roof Drain Pipes

In addition, industries with demanding needs, like construction, manufacturing, and aerospace. Because we work so closely with these industrial sectors, we’re able to keep tabs on the most sought-after forms of metal slitting to satisfy unique needs. Thanks to our precision-based equipment, we can create any product, no matter the difficulty. We’re up for any challenge you can give us.


52” Slitter

62″ Slitter

Materials Processed:

Aluminum, Copper, Coated & Stainless Steel

Aluminum, Carbon, Cold Rolled, Hot Rolled
P & O, Galvalume, Galvannealed, Stainless Steel

Gauges Processed:

Aluminum/Copper – .0078” – .125”
Coated/Stainless Steel – .0065” – 16 gauge
Any Gauge Not Listed Is Subject To Inquiry

Aluminum – .019” – .156”
Steel – .015” – .125”
Any Gauge Not Listed Is Subject To Inquiry

Processed Width:

0.750” Minimum Slit Width
52” Maximum Slit Width

2” Minimum Slit Width
62” Maximum Slit Width

Inside Diameter: 

Incoming – 16” – 24” I.D.
Outgoing – 16” or 20” I.D. Only

Incoming – 20” – 24” I.D.
Outgoing – 20” I.D. (Standard) or 24” I.D. (By Inquiry Only)

Outside Diameter:

74” Maximum O.D.

70” Maximum O.D.

Max Coil Weight:

25,000 lbs.

46,000 lbs.

Machinery Info: 

Stamco 52” Slitter w/ Driven Head
33’ Deep Looping Pit
Beveled Knives
Shimless Tooling
Tension Stand
Inline Packaging Line
PVC Application
Paper Interleave (By Inquiry Only)   

Braner/Delta 62” Slitter 2 Head Turret w/ Driven Head
20’ Deep Looping Pit
Exit and Entry Crop Shears
Tension Stand
Inline Packaging Line
PVC Application (By Inquiry Only)