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Metal Embossing

Pattern Designs For Coiled Metals

McEver provides professionally done, unique designs that you can have applied to your metal coils. By utilizing our full-service metal fabrication center, all embossed metal coils can be cut-to-length (CTL) or slit to your exact specifications. Our metal embossing options include the following:


  • 64” Wide Embosser
  • 11” – .063” Gauge Range (gauge range may differ depending on material)
  • 25,000 lb. Maximum Coils
  • PVC Application
  • Stucco (Directional) Embossed Pattern
  • Diamond Embossed Pattern
  • Custom Embossed Pattern

What’s the Process?

It’s very simple. Without affecting the thickness or integrity of the metal, the sheets are slit through a die that presses down and creates unique patterns.


Why Do Companies Emboss Their Metals?

Embossing is typically done for one of two reasons, aesthetics and functionality. For example, a lamp post or exterior wall might require a design to make it more pleasant to look at. Functionally, certain patterns can be used on flooring to prevent slips, reduce friction, disperse liquid, or disperse heat more effectively.

Our advanced machines and specialized team can emboss materials with your required designs. They enact a full analysis of the product during and after the fabrication and embossing process. This is to ensure accuracy in the final product. Embossed materials are used in nearly every industry, and we’ve created them extensively for the automotive, manufacturing, construction, agricultural, and medical fields.

Materials Processed:Aluminum, Copper, Coated & Stainless Steel
Gauges Processed:Aluminum/Copper – .011” – .063”
Coated Steel/Stainless – 30 Gauge – 20 Gauge
Any Gauge Not Listed Is Subject To Inquiry
Patterns Available:Stucco (Directional)
Custom Pattern (Upon Inquiry Only)
Processed Width:64” Wide
Inside Diameter:Incoming – 20” – 24” I.D.
Outgoing – 20” I.D. Only
Outside Diameter:74” Maximum O.D.
Max Coil Weight:25,000 lbs.
Machinery Info:Hunter Embosser
PVC Application