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Setting Exact Length Specifications

When you need large, coiled sheets of metals cut to exact lengths, McEver has your back. We are a full-service toll-procesor with an expert team seasoned in fabrication methods. Our metal cut-to-length services include:

  • 48” Wide CTL
  • 60” Wide CTL
  • .013” – .125” Gauge Range (gauge range may differ depending on material)
  • 20” – 60” Coil Widths
  • 20” – 192” Lengths
  • 25,000 lb. Maximum Coils
  • Mechanical Stackers
  • Paper Interleaving
  • PVC Application

What’s the Process?

By taking hot or cold rolled metal lengths, they’re first cut into specific lengths, then flattened into sheets or plates with intense pressure. The latter depends on the thickness and other requests made by the client. This service is perfect if you require several sheets of thin metal cut to specific widths and lengths.

Materials Processed:Aluminum, Copper, Coated & Stainless Steel
Gauges Processed:Aluminum/Copper – .013” – .090” (.125” on 3003 H-14 Material)
Coated/Stainless Steel – 30 Gauge – 16 Gauge
Any Gauge Not Listed Is Subject To Inquiry
Processed Width:60” Maximum Width
20” Minimum Width
Processed Lengths:20” Minimum Lengths
192” Maximum Lengths
Larger Lengths Upon Inquiry
Incoming Coil I.D.:20” – 24” I.D.
Incoming Coil O.D.:60” Maximum O.D.
Max Coil Weight:25,000 lbs.
Machinery Info:60” Rowe CTL Line
Six High Herr Voss Leveler
Mechanical Stacker
PVC Application (Top and/or Bottom)
Paper Interleaving