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Metal Shearing

Resizing Sheet Metal Services

McEver’s team of industry professionals can precisely resize metal sheets to your specifications using our state-of-the-art service center. Customers from several diverse industries have used this service to satisfy their exacting needs. Our metal shearing service options include:



  • 10 ft. Shear
  • 10 ft. Squaring Arm
  • 10 Gauge Capacity
  • 36” Back Gauge
  • Sony Precision Measuring Table


What’s the Process?

Without using heat, our machines are used to shear off unwanted material from sheet metal. The sheet metal is held in place then processed through the machine. Through its journey, the sheet metal is slid beneath the machine’s upper blade, which pushes down on the material, forcing it onto a stationary lower blade. The cuts made with this shearing machine are smooth and clean, leaving behind no jagged ends.

Materials Processed:Aluminum, Copper, Coated & Stainless Steel
Gauges Processed:Aluminum – .015” – .125”
Copper – .010” – .134”
Coated/Stainless Steel – 32 Gauge – 10 Gauge
Any Gauge Not Listed Is Subject To Inquiry
Back Gauge:36”
Shear Length:10 ft.
Squaring Arm:10 ft.
Measuring Table:Sony Precision Measuring Table